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Find your inner power by Serving others

Our mission is to help transform lives through the fullness of Christ's love. We work to do this by utilizing all our God given resources, talents, and skills to assist our neighbors to find strength and rest in Christ. We work with community partners to accomplish these goals and bring Christ into everything we do.

Christmas with Seniors

Christmas saw our congregation take our Christmas service to some of our members and participants that couldn't otherwise worship at Christmas with us or with anyone due to lack of transportation or opportunity. We decided to forego our Christmas worship at the YMCA and instead worship at both Elmcroft and Traditions senior living centers. 

Wellness Simplified:
Active Living for Life
Thursday, March 21, 2019, 7:00–8:30 PM

Why is it vitally important to remain healthy and strive for our best selves not only when we are young, but through all stages of life? I know I should stop being a couch potato but I really am not unhappy with my life the way it is, and exercising is so difficult, WHY DO IT?

Your health is more than just physical and your physical health effects more than just your body; it effects your mind and Spirit.

Hosted by Hope Community Church in Lawrence, the workshop will take place at the Sterrett Center, 8950 Otis Ave., Indianapolis.

Workshop Leaders: Jenny Sera, director of the Benjamin Harrison YMCA in Lawrence and lifelong health and wellness expert. Terry Zoubul is Indianapolis' oldest and one of it's toughest trainers. After making life changes in her own life, she trained to train others.  Jen Holland, Wellness director and chief motivator at Benjamin Harrison YMCA.

Register at https://activelivingforlife.eventbrite.com/


Musicologist, leader and encourager.


We love to help people find how their lives fit into the whole. Everyone has gifts and talents and our desire it not to force you into our mold but to help you find your unique place in God's Kingdom and the purposes for which He created you. If we don't have your ministry yet, we will help you develop it within the church.

We are fond of saying we are a Concierge Worship Style, we will come to you or you can come to us. We worship at the Benjamin Harrison YMCA every Sunday at 9:30 am, Elmcroft of Fort Harrison Thursdays at 10:00 and Miller's Manor, Thursdays at 12:30. We are continually looking for people and places to serve, call us and let us assist you.


Deacon, Ministry Leader, organizer and media person.


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