Pastor Mike is actively setting up and training churches in the city of Lawrence to establish a Christian Clearinghouse to meet emergency needs.

Celebrating through the year

Visit from St. Nicholas
Each year the Sunday closest to December 6 we have a visit from St. Nicholas and recount his service and generosity.

Summer Festival
We invite the community to celebrate and recreate with us throughout the year, with song, games, food and more.

Mother's Day
With flowers, gifts, books and tons of smiling faces we celebrate moms in mid-May.

   Nancy is one of our hardest working members at HOPE Church. She weekly puts together the Worship PowerPoint, edits the music, and runs our education program for our young children. She also is always the first to volunteer, whether it is for a "Y" event, Movie Night or just a dinner for members or friends.

Nancy works for ResCare as their State-wide trainer and both writes curriculum for them and then travels throughout the State of Indiana to train case workers how to use the software they need to assist clients in getting jobs. She has been the State of Michigan's Coordinator for their parent/child program (0-5), has developed Head Start programs and has worked with Children with Disabilities. Her husband Mike is the pastor of the congregation.

Joint Events

HOPE Church and Benjamin Harrison sponsor many joint events throughout the year. Visit the YMCA Facebook Site for information. 

recent programs

Twice a year HOPE teaches the Dave Ramsey, Financial Peace University Class. The only cost is for the participants materials. Average change in family financial status is over $5,500.00

Member of the Month

May 4 - National Day of Prayer Breakfast [7:30 am]

             National Day of Prayer Service [Noon]

May 14 - Mother's Day Service 9:30 am at YMCA

Every Thursday

     10:15 am Worship at Elmcroft

     2:00 pm Worship at Miller's Assisted Living

Every Tuesday  

Look for Rev. VandenBerg's Article in Current in Geist ​weekly Newspaper.

Father's Day
Not to forget the Dads, we celebrate with a picnic, or luncheon in June.

Calendar - May 2017

Nancy VandenBerg our member of the Month

Hope Community Church  2017